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RoboAds mobile robots are one of the most powerful tools on the digital signage advertising scene. With a unique ability to attract attention and interact with targeted audiences, RoboAds empower brands, shape customer engagement and lead to action.
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RoboAds can be used at corporate events, conferences, malls, product launches, crowded public places and trade shows. Moving around fully autonomously, the mobile robots engage with the right targets at the right time to deliver the right messages.
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Meet your
Digital Robot, Kira

Technologies like Virtual Reality would have a bigger role to play. Within seconds you can create your own human-like avatar, enter into a virtual room with friends, and watch movies or play games.

Introducing Kira, a digital robot that has been integrated into Roboads mobile robots. With the ability to speak multiple languages, Kira is the ideal customer service representative and can assist visitors at any retail outlet.
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Why RoboAds is the ultimate advertising solution?

Highest brand visibility

Over 500% of visitors notice the video advertised with RoboAds in comparison to traditional posters and static signage.

Increased Sales

With increased visibility and precision targeting, you can witness increased sales boosts and higher conversion rates.


RoboAds attractive robots and mobility ensures a memorable experience. Customers tend to remember it even after walking away from the location.

Powerful customer engagement

RoboAds offers a real engagement that extends to your brand's emotional connection. Customers tend to capture and share the robot videos with friends, families and on their social media.


With RoboAds AI analytics, you can now know your customers by generating reports for the number of visitors, age, gender and gaze.

Stay Connected

With RoboAds QR code display, customers can input their contact details and stay informed about your brand's latest offers and releases.

How It Works ?
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RoboAds' creative team will edit your videos and images, adjusting them to the robot screens

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RoboAds' logistics people will bring the robots to the required location & prepare them for action

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RoboAds operators will manage the robots activities ensuring a successful and profitable campaign

Attract your Audience

In today's crowded advertising world, RoboAds' futuristic digital signage technology gives you a tremendous competitive advantage, generating unprecedented new opportunities for your marketing initiatives.

Call us now to explore the incredible potential of our dynamic, agile, and persuasive advertising robots.

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Our clients are our partners and we can not imagine a better future for our company without helping them reach their objectives

The most disruptive piece of equipment capable of delivering live and interactive digital content in the most engaging way. We use it and will continue doing so.
Daniel Khairallah
Managing Partner
Activate 360
Thank you Roboads   team for cruising GeoDrones Robot all around the Dubai Airshow. You really helped in branding our company beautifully and elegantly! You deserve to be recommended to all my network entrepreneurs.
Mr. Muhammad
RoboAds has been a complete gamechanger for our company. The number of visitors has tripled from day one!
Antony Anzil

Technical Engineer

Advanced Technologies
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