Rent RoboSignage for
your event

Rent RoboSignage for
your event

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Rent a Robo

Robo Signage

All in one kiosk solution and an edge computing station for real time communication. Equipped with the most advanced IOT devices to meet all your current and future needs.

logo Add PNG 300 x300


Showcase your products in stunning 4K quality on multiple 55 inch displays. Drop and manage your media through the CMS which is available on the cloud portal.

logo 5G PNG 300 x300

5G Connectivity

Upgraded with fifth generation of cellular network technology. Accelerating data transfer and analysis at very high speed.

logo charger PNG 300 x300

Charging Station

Equiped with latest QI wireless charging technology. Customers can charge phone while having a gaze at advertisment.

logo Conf PNG 300 x300


Live 4K web teleconferencing service, your team can be present at any event and interact with clients through a two way streaming service.
logo analytics PNG 300 x300


Get to know your customers. Our Analytics provide a complete report of visitors age, gender,emotion and much more during each streaming.

logo Speakers PNG 300 x300


Your voice can now be heard. Equiped with pro audio speakers creating incredible experience on customer front


Robo Portal

Real Time Data Analysis allows to know your customer interaction.






Content Management


Cloud Computing

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