RoboAds, Robots for Humans !

Frequently Asked Questions

Advertising: Roboads is designed for advertising and marketing purposes, the robot promotes ads on four 55 Inch screens in 4K resolution. Videos are uploaded in real time on the cloud via a Content Management System.
Telepresence: One or multiple screens can be utilized for telepresence. For example, in a retail environment where there is a shortage of staff, employees can login and remotely assist clients.
Analytics: RoboAds analyses the number of visitors, age, gender and emotions.

We spent 14 years promoting brands at tradeshows/retail and were always haunted by the following questions:
How do we stand out among thousands of other exhibitors and successfully attract visitors to our booth?
How to develop strong brand awareness and create a memorable experience for our clients?

We envisioned a B2B robot that not only attracts visitors but can promote products and services. The trend for humanoid robots started to pick up in tradeshows and in retail. However, people focused on a dancing or humanoid shaped robot rather than the business itself. This is when we decided to build RoboAds.

RoboAds can attract clients to your retail location. People by nature are intrigued by robots, the screens can be utilised for further attraction.
Effective advertising: Malls, airports, supermarkets and other venues can profit from new B2B advertising channels by offering advertising space.
A better service to attract more clients: An all-in-one mobile kiosk will approach the clients instead of the other way around. The latter also leads to better efficiency for kiosk utilization when targeting high traffic areas.

Telepresence option can be used by hospital staff to deal with patients during check-in period. This would reduce the risk for virus spread. Security staff can remotely communicate with the public while putting less risk on their own lives. The purpose is to eliminate physical interaction without excluding human interference.

Multiple cameras are installed on the robot and connected to edge computing hardware which offer real time video analytics.
The data records the number of visitors and emotional analysis based on the timing of each video displayed on the screens.
There is also the option to display videos based on specific demographics.

We offer rental as a service. You can rent RoboAds for a minimum of one day. Please contact us for further information.

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