Aqses AI transforming digital signage and offering new and better opportunities to its users with components like facial recognition and detection.
Retailers can have a more distinct understanding of who their customers are.


Deep learning is a subset of machine learning in AI where artificial neural networks emulate the workings of the human brain in processing data and creating patterns for use in decision-making.

Engines powered with AI have access to huge amounts of data. With deep learning, AI-driven platforms are able to assess large data sets, typically in real-time, leading to specific reactions. With more accuracy and data processing comes a better understanding of the users. But AI doesn’t necessarily think for you. It’s all about automation. It draws conclusions, finds patterns, and reacts to situations. This is what makes it a valuable tool.


Customer feels special if the technology treats them in a more personal way. Artificial Intelligence learning enables digital signage to learn and interact with real people in a unique way.
Digital signage AI can recognize a client and greet her or him. It can communicate the product offers and discounts based on the person’s purchasing history, and more.


Deep learning by an AI platform enables targeting to be quite specific: relevant to the individual. Add facial recognition and relevant content can be displayed based on the viewer’s age, gender or preferences.


Response share to Agent after customer spending six seconds at the display.