RoboAds collaborative telepresence software provides face-to-face support for your end-user anywhere, even with limited staff.

Telepresence refers to a user interacting with another live, real place, and is distinct from virtual presence, where the user is given the impression of being in a simulated environment. One support representative can maintain dozens of kiosk locations and deliver assistance with a personal touch.
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RoboAds provides Aqses Telepresence Software for kiosks with end-to-end encryption.
Agents can communicate to their customers flawlessly with Full HD resolution to any digital signage screen.


Customers can initiate the process by clicking “Talk to Us” button on the kiosk side. The trigger will generate with a request number and alert agent to make a call to that specific kiosk.


Agent receives a notification on their mobile device from the kiosk side, based on the scheduled time, workload and availability.


Once a ticket is generated from the kiosk, it will redirect to a selected agent with help of the recommendation engine so that customers can quickly talk with the right agent within a few seconds.


Admin access to the portal to view all the real-time information for the complete process. Admin is also able to update Kiosks and Employees schedule from the portal.