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With Roboads' unique advertisement display system, bystanders can receive customized advertisements based on their demographic classifications using Convolutional Neural Networks. An advertising screen includes a webcam that detects bystanders' faces and feeds them into a trained Convolutional Neural Network that can determine age, gender, emotions, and other related details. Can spot immediately what content or ads are effective with customers.


A new generation that we have not seen much of is what we call the digital human generation, in which we give digital human identities, human looks, and human-like interfaces. Kira is an AI-powered digital human avatar that uses natural language processing to enhance communication with bystanders.


An autonomous mobile robot is controlled by a graphical user interface (GUI) that can create continuous loop navigation in a created environment. Four-layer security and neural networks for human detection make robots capable of managing interactions with audiences and navigating to the next goal. This makes it an ideal choice for complex and crowded environments.


The auxiliary screen can display logos and contact information, allowing the target audience to communicate directly with customers. Information can be pushed directly from the Edge portal and shown on a separate screen below the advertisement.


Analytics software allows you to track everything from the length of time someone spent viewing an ad or message to exactly who viewed it and correlate its effectiveness. Additionally, it provides a deeper understanding of their interests. A comparison of the sales figures of certain products can be made based on the time of day and frequency of advertising for the particular product. Human traffic counting, attendance peaks and falls throughout the day, and demographics for selling ad time on your network are some of the features.


The RoboEdge application programming interfaces (APIs) allow third-party software applications to customize robot movements and campaigns. Clients can receive real-time information about content and analytics through APIs.

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