The Future has arrived

While we can't predict the future, we can inspire it. RA 500 has been explicitly designed to enhance the indoor/outdoor advertising experience. It can be placed in any busy public place like airports, malls, stations, expos, or other trade shows to grab the attention of visitors. These high -resolution screens are the most interactive advertising technology that eliminates the need for any physical interaction while engaging with the audience by grabbing their attention and even answering their queries

Effective Marketing

RA - 500 attracts greater customer attention than traditional marketing billboards, standees, and posters. They offer a higher conversion rate by engaging customers at places with increased traffic and allowing more consumer involvement by connecting to remote virtual calls with customer service agents

New breed of service robots

RA 500 offers a one-of-its-kind customer experience with four - 55inch digital signage screens in 4K resolution. The robot is equipped with the ability to navigate on its own. It is programmed to roam around an area autonomously, engaging people and marketing a product and extracting their contact information, or it can be tele-operated as well. A camera attached to it provides a real-time visual queue for the operator. It is highly interactive and continues to learn and get better with its advanced artificial intelligence algorithm.

Engagement is a Key Element

RA 500 is an excellent means to get increased engagement with the interest levels of the prospects at their peak. Anyone can now rent a robot and enjoy unprecedented customer engagement


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